Realtime Music Solutions (RMS) specializes in technology for the performing arts.

For over twenty years, the team has been visible as an innovative and cutting-edge organization at the forefront of modern sound technology, as well as other theatrical resources. As leaders in the live performance arena, RMS is responsible for the design and implementation of the industry's most powerful and emerging technology. At the center of this technology is the RMS Sinfonia®. Capable of following a conductor's tempo and musical nuance during live performance, Sinfonia®. Sinfonia® was soon followed by another industry standard: the rehearsal resource RMS Coach, which is used by thousands of theatre students and enthusiasts annually. Our latest releases, RMS Keyboards and RMS Sides are poised to become the preferred way unique keyboard sounds are delivered to musical production and the way dramatic lines are learned.

Central to the RMS approach is a strong philosophical commitment to the theatrical tradition and the process by which technology is carefully integrated into the performing arts. This philosophy is simple: Reliability and Innovation... in that order. With over 100,000 performances to its credit and years of on-site theatrical experience, RMS has identified and solved myriad musical, acoustical, technical, and procedural problems indigenous to the live performing arts.