2011 News
9 TO 5 for RMS Keyboards now available!

November 22, 2011--The RMS Keyboards version of 9 TO 5 has been released! Click here to download a free trial version.

LEGALLY BLONDE for OrchExtra now available!

November 29, 2011--Legally Blonde is now available for OrchExtra! Please contact us for further details.

LEGALLY BLONDE for RMS Keyboards now available!

September 18, 2011--The RMS Keyboards version of LEGALLY BLONDE has been released! Click here to download a free trial version.

KeyboardEase For Boosey & Hawkes Titles

August 15, 2011 - RMS recently formalized an agreement with Boosey & Hawkes to develop and market RMS Keyboards for Boosey & Hawkes unparalleled catalog.

Boosey & Hawkes is the world's largest publisher of classical music. They represent compositions by many of the most important composers of our time, including (among many others) Steve Reich and John Adams. Some of these more recent compositions include electronic keyboard components and a very specific sound set. And as with our other RMS Keyboards customers, it is often very difficult for organizations wishing to perform these pieces to gather and program the necessary equipment.

This new venture will give orchestras and other music performance organizations an easy, cost effective way to perform these compositions.

The new resource will be marketed under the brand KeyboardEase. RMS wll develop at least eight KeyboardEase titles per year with the first four to be available within the next month or two. We will develop more as demand warrants, and hope that this resource spurs a groundswell of new performances of these esteemed works.

RMS Keyboards External Sounds

7/15/11 - RMS Keyboards External Sound: For our professional users, it is now possible to take advantage of your personal sound library within the RMS Keyboards context. So if you like the convenience of RMS Keyboards and you like most of our samples, but you have a particular string patch that you prefer to ours, you can now route that RMS Keyboards channel to your preferred sound. Best of all, you still retain all the sophisticated underlying MIDI handling. If the keyboard part is programmed to map an intricate tone cluster to a single note, you'll get the same effect, but from your preferred sound. Download a free trial here.

RMS Sides Notes

7/15/11 - RMS Sides Notes: You can now mark up your script with extensive notes. Include stage directions, definitions, comments, scansion clarifications and comments that are displayed or hidden with a quick tap. These can really help along the rehearsal process and deepen your understanding of the character and text. Check out the latest versions here.

RMS Keyboards - 34 Titles!

4/8/11 - RMS Keyboards is now available for 34 musicals, including our latest additions: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Xanadu (Keyboards Patch Solutions) and Altar Boyz and Sunset Boulevard (KeyboardEase). Click here to download a free trial version from the complete list.