The amazing new way to learn your lines!

Congratulations! You’ve just been cast to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Now how do you prepare?

Well, for over four hundred years, the process has generally included some combination of reading the script, highlighting and noting your part, drilling, drilling, and more drilling. If you’re lucky, you have a patient friend who will run lines with you, prompting you when your stuck, correcting you when you’re wrong.

Sides gives you a powerful and engaging new way to do all this and more, directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (with more devices coming soon). Read the script as veteran Broadway actors give voice to all the characters. Enter rehearsal mode and all of your character’s lines are blanked. Play pauses while you deliver your line. Tap the prompt button (or shake your phone) to get a text or audio prompt. Record your own lines. Create custom hints, add pictures, notes and line edits. Share all your custom data with friends - and mix everything together with theirs to create the ideal line study tool.

Sides is probably the most beautiful way to learn your lines.


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