Are there any settings I can adjust to get the best performance from my Windows computer?

To ensure you are getting the best performance for RMS applications on your Windows computer, click on the ‘Power Options’ setting in the Control Panel and select “High Performance”.

How much of the show's music is available on RMS Coach?

When we prepare an RMS Coach treatment, we are 100% faithful to the piano/vocal score. You will have the piano accompaniments as well as every vocal line for the entire show, including all songs, interludes, overtures, play-offs, etc. This means that RMS Coach is not just useful for the leads to practice the main songs, but also for the 2nd tenor in that close harmony section of the Reprise, for drilling the choreography during the Bows, or for timing the complicated blocking and scenery handling between Scenes 8 & 9.

How much does RMS Coach cost?


You can try it out for free. After you've determined it will work for your needs, you pay a flat fee of $300 for the duration of your license. Remember - this fee entitles you and everyone else involved with your production to use RMS Coach on as many computers as you want.


How long will I be able to use RMS Coach?

You can use RMS Coach up until the last performance date of your run. The total time depends on when you first unlock it. Provided you have a valid performance license with Rodgers and Hammerstein or MTI, you could probably use RMS Coach as long as you would ever need it: 4 weeks, two months, a year... it's up to you.

You've convinced me! How do I order and get going with a full purchase?

For MTI shows, contact your show licensing agent to acquire RehearScore.

For R&H shows, the process to acquire AccompanEase is all done online:

If you haven't done so already, start by downloading the Free Trial Version. Once you have the program installed, you'll need to purchase an unlock code to gain full access to the show. See "How do I unlock AccompanEase". If you need assistance, just give us a call at 212/620-0774.

For pricing information please click here.

How do I unlock AccompanEase?

This applies to the R&H licensed version of RMS Coach, AccompanEase.

When you're ready to move forward with a full rental, you need to purchase an unlock code. AccompanEase itself will walk you through the steps. But here's the gist of it:

  1. From the Trial Version, you'll click an 'Authenticate' button.
  2. You'll fill in some requested information. A small file containing this information will be placed on your computer's desktop.
  3. You'll email this desktop file to us.
  4. We will then use this information to confirm you have a valid performance license.
  5. Upon confirmation, we will email you an electronic invoice.
  6. Upon payment receipt, either by credit card or check, we will email your unlock code.

The process should take less than a business day, often less than an hour.


Can I get RMS Coach for my iPad/iPhone/Android phone?

While we would certainly like to make our programs available for iPads and other mobile devices, there are issues surrounding licensing agreements, with both the musical licensing houses and Apple, which make development of such resources difficult at this time. Unlike some other companies you may encounter, we are proud to say that we are extremely careful to adhere to both the letter and spirit of copyright laws, and our programs are all fully licensed and approved of by all the organizations we partner with. Hopefully we will be able to make RMS Coach available as a mobile app at some point in the future.

After I purchase an unlock code, how do other cast and production members get and unlock their own copies of AccompanEase?

This applies to the Rodgers and Hammerstein licensed version of RMS Coach, AccompanEase.

Once you have purchased AccompanEase, we will email you registration information and an authentication code needed for you and others to unlock the software. Distributing this information and a link to download AccompanEase from our website via email is all your production team will need to have access to AccompanEase on their personal computers. 


Your production team should install and authenticate AccompanEase by perfoming the following steps:


  1. Download the AccompanEase installer (Mac and PC Compatable) for your particular show.
  2. Complete the installation and launch AccompanEase
  3. Choose to "Authenticate"
  4. Copy and paste the registration details and unlock code from the distributed email (note: please copy and paste rather than type details, as any typo will cause authentication to fail)
  5. Authenticate successfully and enjoy using Accompanease



I understand I'm supposed to "copy and paste" the unlock code into the program, but I don't know how to do that.

Copying and pasting is a basic and helpful piece of computer knowledge to have! Please click the links below to see a few tutorials:

If I do a later production of the same title for which I rented AccompanEase, can I use my unlock code again?

This applies to the R&H licensed version of RMS Coach, AccompanEase.

Sorry. Each production is treated separately. A subsequent run of the same title will need a new unlock code.

What are the computer system requirements to run RMS Coach?

RMS Coach will run on Windows XP (with Service Pack 3 or later), Vista (with Service Pack 2 or later), Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers equipped with a MIDI-capable soundcard. It will run on Macintosh computers running OS X 10.3.9 and later. For either platform, you should have a minimum of 512 megabytes of internal RAM. More is better.

What if I have technical questions?

AccompanEase is a very simple program to install and operate, and we feel confident you'll be up and running with ease. That said, we want to make sure you have the best possible experience. You can call us at 212/620-0774 whenever you have an issue or question. We will also continue to update this site with frequently asked technical questions, as well as articles to help you make the most of this amazing resource.

What if there's a mistake in the parts?

We pride ourselves on our meticulous, methodical process - and, without wanting to seem too cocky, we feel pretty good about the work accurately reflecting the books. Nevertheless, mistakes can and do happen. If you bring them to our attention, we'll make any necessary corrections and get you an update.

What if I change my mind about using AccompanEase after I purchase an unlock code?

We offer a free trial version for each of our products so that you can fully evaluate them prior to purchase.

Our free trial is completely functional and contains all the features and sounds you'll find in the full version; the only difference is that the trial limits you to the first few songs.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products and that is why we offer a free trial. Please take the opportunity to fully test out the software on your equipment prior to purchase. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer any refunds on software purchases.

Can I use RMS Coach for performance?

RMS Coach is designed as a rehearsal tool and is not authorized for performance use. If you are interested in a performance resource, please CLICK HERE to check out our great orchestra enhancement instrument, InstrumentalEase.

I am running RMS Coach on my new Mac laptop and the volume seems very low. How can I fix this?

On laptops starting with Lion (OSX 10.7), it appears Apple has reduced the system MIDI volume. It should not be a problem with the iMac or the Mac Pros.

If you do run into this issue with more recent Macintosh laptops, we have found this inexpensive product to be very helpful:

Can I burn the music to an audio CD?

At this time, we do not offer the ability to export or burn the RMS Coach music to an audio CD. You may, however, burn the installation package to a data CD as an alternative way to distribute the program to your cast. The program does require a computer to run at all times.

On my Windows XP computer, I get sound out of iTunes or my CD drive, but not out of RMS Coach.

Most of the time, your Windows audio controls will be properly set by default. But it's possible something can get off for one reason or another. Try the following:

  1. Quit out of AccompanEase/RehearScore.
  2. Click on the Start button in your computer's lower left-hand corner.
  3. Click on Control Panel within the Start menu.
  4. Double-click on the control panel called "Sounds and Audio Devices."
  5. Click on the "Audio" tab within this panel. In the bottom of this panel, you will see a section labeled "MIDI music playback." The default device for this section should be set to "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth."
  6. Click on the Volume button associated with the MIDI section of this panel.
  7. Raise the volume slider for MIDI all the way up (to 100%)
  8. Once you have changed it, click on the "Apply" button and close the control panel.
  9. Relaunch AccompanEase/RehearScore. Begin playing.

You should now hear sounds.

I installed RMS Coach on my Windows computer, but I receive an error message when trying to launch the program. What should I do?


Some Windows machines are missing a certain file called vcredist_x86.  This file must then be installed manually by locating, and then double clicking it.  Following this installation, RMS Coach must be re-installed. 

  • On Windows XP machines, this file is located at C:/Program Files/RMS/Accompanease 1.0/vcreditst_x86.exe.  
  • On Windows 7 machines, the file is located at C:/Program Files (x86)/RMS/Accompanease 1.0/vcredist_x86.
  • Or you can download it from Microsoft

To install this file, double click it, follow through any necessary steps, and then reinstall RMS Coach.  


Can I run RMS Coach on a netbook computer?

Maybe. Compared with standard laptops, netbooks may use cheaper components or may offer fewer features. A netbook may have a smaller screen (with no way to increase screen resolution), less than 512 MB RAM, or a sound card which lacks MIDI capability. All of these limitations will affect how AccompanEase runs on the computer.

If you or your organization use netbooks, we strongly recommend downloading the trial version of RMS Coach to test it out before purchasing the full version.

I have paid for an RMS Coach license, but the program is opening in trial version and doesn't save my unlock code information.

Make sure that you are double-clicking on the RMS Coach program icon, and not running the installer again. If you are asked to go through multiple steps to access the program, you are running the installer. Take careful note of the icon you are clicking on and make sure it is the application icon, not the installer.

I installed RMS Coach on one user account and then switched to another one. Now the program is not working.

RMS Coach will only work from the account you install it on. To use it on a different account, you'll need to log into that account and reinstall the program.

My organization purchased an AccompanEase license, but I can't unlock my copy. What do I do?

Usually the problem is one of two things:

  1. You entered the wrong contact details. In order to unlock AccompanEase, you need to enter the contact information *exactly* as the original person who requested the code (i.e. their name and email, not yours; all spelling, punctuation and capitalizations for every field consistent with the original entry). If you do not have this information, please contact that person.

  2. You are attempting to type the code manually, rather than copying and pasting it. The code is quite complicated, with lots of opportunities to mistake characters (0, O, l, I, 1, etc.) The way to be sure there are no mistakes is to copy and paste it from an electronic source, like an email or saved text file. For that matter, you might as well copy and paste all the contact details too, to make absolutely sure they are consistent.

If you are still having trouble after following the points above, please call us at 212/620-0774 for more troubleshooting.

I'm trying to download AccompanEase from this website, but the link doesn't seem to be working.

If you're viewing this website using Internet Explorer, there may be a setting you will need to adjust in Internet Explorer to make the download link work correctly.

  1. Within Internet Explorer, click on the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings.
  2. Add this website to the Compatibility View list by clicking the Add button. Or:
  3. Click the button for "Display all websites in Compatibility View."
  4. Click the Close button to close that window.
  5. Return to the AccompanEase (RMS Coach) download page. The download links should look and work properly.

This setting only needs to be adjusted for Internet Explorer; if you view this website using Firefox (or some other browser), the download links should look and function correctly.

I want to install RMS Coach on both Mac and Windows computers. Will I need to buy separate licenses for each type of system?

No. The unlock code you receive when you purchase the program will work for both the Mac and Windows versions of RMS Coach.

I attempted to pay for AccompanEase via Paypal but my credit card was declined. What should I do?

We use Paypal as our credit card processor because you have the ability to pay securely—no one at RMS ever sees your credit card details. However, because of this, we have no access to information about issues which may have caused your card to be declined. You can access Paypal customer support by clicking here.

What is the difference between RMS Coach, AccompanEase, and RehearScore?

For all intents and purposes they are the same product. RMS Coach is our in-house name for the product, but when it is licensed for Rodgers & Hammerstein shows it is known as AccompanEase®, and for Music Theater International shows it is known as RehearScore®.

Do you accept P.O.'s (Purchase Orders)?


Unfortunately, we cannot accept PO's at this time.

We recognize that some organizations find this burdensome and we regret the inconvenience.  We are a very small company. If we were to commit the necessary manpower to PO administration and accounts receivable follow through, it would diminish our capacity to develop new products, features, shows, etc. In time, we may very well change our policy. But at this stage in our growth, we believe our customers are better served by focusing on the latter. 

Payment can be made by check (paper or electronic) and credit card.


Can I run multiple versions of RMS Coach on the same computer if I'm producing more than one show at a time?

Yes--you will need to create a separate user account on the computer for each show you wish to install. The program will operate from that account only.