Is Sides available for (insert show name here)?

Currently, all of the available titles for RMS Sides are listed on this page. We are hard at work adding new titles all the time! If you have a specific title you would like to see, please email us.

Is there a trial version of Sides?

Yes, there is a version called Sides (free), that contains Act II Scene II from Romeo and Juliet. You can use this to evaluate the program before purchasing the full version for your specific play.

Can I import my own script to use with Sides?

Sadly, no. RMS Sides is programmed to work for specific plays, listed on this page.

How much does Sides cost?

The basic version of Sides costs $1.99 and contains the full text script for a specific play. For versions of Sides that have audio pre-recorded, you can either buy audio for specific acts within the program, or purchase a version that contains all the audio for $9.99.

There is also a free version that you can use to demo the features of the program.

Do I need to purchase audio for an entire show?

No you don't! If you want to use the professional audio recorded by veteran actors, but only need a single act, you can do so by clicking on the "More" screen within the regular version of Sides, and selecting "Buy Professional Audio".

Please note, not every show has professional audio available! But if it does, you will see it there.

Help! Sides crashes when I run it! What do I do?

Sometimes newly installed programs will crash when launched. The best thing to do is to restart your device to free up memory. Try running the program again afterwards to see if that helps.

Is there a tutorial for the program?

Yes, if you click on the "More" tab, there is a Tutorial section which covers all the aspects of the program. We hope to have a web-friendly version of the tutorial on this site soon.

What mobile platforms currently support Sides?

At the moment Sides is only availble for the iOS platform. This means you can use Sides on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. We are hard at work an a version of Sides for Android.

How can my students record their own line readings without erasing the existing professional audio?

You'll want to create a new show file for each student, so they can record their own line readings without losing the
professional audio in the default show. To do this, go to the Settings tab and then tap "Current Show." This will take you to the "Load Show" screen where you'll tap "Load copy of original show." You can name this show anything you want in order to differentiate it from the default show. Tap "Done" and you'll see that a new show file has been created.