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RMS Coach - Chromebook Demo

Thanks For Checking Us Out!
General Information

Chromebooks are by far the dominant computer in schools and other educational settings. For years, educators have asked us to make our leading musical theatre rehearsal resource, RMS Coach available for them. We get it. Chromebooks are increasingly the only computers students can access - and given that a big part of our goal for RMS Coach is to make it easily available to any student cast member, we want to oblige. The challenge is that Chromebooks are fundamentally different from Windows and Macintosh computers. For the most part, they do not run or store data locally on the machine itself, but rather do all that remotely, in the 'Cloud.' For us at RMS, that meant a big rewrite of our underlying software.


We're happy to report that this enormous development effort is nearly complete. Starting Fall 2017, RMS Coach users will be able to expand their bookings to include Chromebook access. In the meantime though, you can give it a test run right now. Just log in and hit the Play button (right pointing triangle in circle) at the bottom right of the Shows page.

What To Expect
  • Chromebooks primarily run from the Cloud, As such, an active Internet connection is necessary.

  • And further to the Internet point, your Internet speed will affect RMS Coach performance. Slower speeds may cause some jitter.

  • Here's a Chromebook settings tip that improves performance.

  • We have limited the first release of Chromebook RMS Coach to Performance mode functionality. That means you can playback and make on-the-fly changes: transpose, adjust tempo, mute, manipulate volume of individual parts, all the things we know the vast majority of users typically need. You cannot, however, change the underlying data file. So you won't be able to add or change cuts, vamps, ritards, accelerandi. The idea is that you make those kind of edits on a Mac or PC and then share them with the Chromebook users. Chromebook editing of this sort will come in a future release.


Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

We hope you enjoy RMS Coach for Chromebook. This is an exciting next chapter for us, and we're excited to share it!

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