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  • Introducing RMS Creator: Our Platform, Your Content

    You asked, we answered! RMS Coach, our essential rehearsal software, and Rehearsal Live Share (RLS), our new remote rehearsal platform, are now available to use with your own content. Doing a show not in our catalogue? Putting together a choral concert? Teaching orchestra to high-schoolers online? We have you covered! RMS Creator allows you to create and share original content with anyone you'd like! 

  • Sinfonia for Something Rotten

    June 10, 2020

    Looking to put on a big, glittering production of Something Rotten but can't put together the band? Look no further than Sinfonia! Sinfonia contains the full orchestration for your show* and allows you to supplement or replace your orchestra (hello, age of social distancing) without sacrificing the flexibility of live accompaniment. 

    *Jazzy hands and snazzy pants not included

  • Sinfonia for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

    April 8, 2020

    It's true! Sinfonia for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is here (no need for pandemonium). Sinfonia contains the full orchestration for your show and is endlessly flexible to meet your production's needs. Adjust tempo, keys, combine seamlessly with any live players you have (or don't!) using the live play and vamp features. Sinfonia is the power of a live orchestra at your fingertips. (It's an even better friend than your dictionary.) Sound good?

  • RMS Response to COVID-19 Epidemic

    March 13, 2020

    We understand that COVID-19 is affecting nearly every community we work with globally. As such, we are waiving date change fees for all affected customers. For more information, including extension instructions, please see our official policy here.

  • Now Available: Sinfonia for Little Women

    Feb. 24, 2020

    We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our Sinfonia catalogue, Little Women. Keep your orchestra from becoming "an operatic tragedy": Sinfonia contains the full orchestration for your show and allows you complete control over your keys, tempos, and cuts. It's the power of a full orchestra at your fingertips (we know: astonishing)!

  • Bonus Alert: RMS Keyboards for Matilda Now Has Percussion Programming

    Feb. 12, 2020

    You asked, we answered! RMS Keyboards for Matilda now includes percussion programming. Play every percussion sound, from timpani to bongos to rimshot, from a standard midi keyboard. It's all included with your RMS Keyboards booking. 

  • Now Available: RMS Keyboards for Something Rotten!

    Jan. 3, 2020

    Are you looking forward to your production of Something Rotten but would rather face the Black Death than attempt to program the 500+ set-ups in the keyboard parts? See the light! RMS Keyboards includes every patch packaged in order for you. Each sound has been carefully chosen to match the original score and programmed with all of the complicated splits and mapping particular to this orchestration. With RMS Keyboards, you don't need Will Power!

  • Announcing Sinfonia Reroutes: Use Your Own Sounds With Our Powerhouse Orchestral Tool

    May 29, 2019

    Do you love the customization that Sinfonia affords but want even more control over the specific instrumental sounds within the program? For the most discerning musical ears, we've just introduced Reroutes, which allow you even more granular control over your show in Sinfonia. You're now able to combine instruments from any sample library you like with our Sinfonia treatment for a tailor-made sound. Music to your ears? Learn more.

  • New Feature Alert: Lyrics for RMS Coach!

    May 1, 2019

    You ask, we answered! Our classic rehearsal tool RMS Coach now features karaoke-style lyrics to make learning your part that much easier. Lyrics are currently available for R&H's Oklahoma! and can be added for any title in our catalog as well as custom shows in RMS Coach Creator. Lyrics will be added for additional shows on a rolling basis, and will be available to all customers once any particular title is complete.

    Find out more here!

  • It's a Sensation: RMS Keyboards for The Who's Tommy

    April 24, 2019

    Have the keyboard books for Tommy overwhelmed you as you approach them? (What IS a sevalc?) Never fear. With RMS Keyboards for The Who's Tommy, you can play "Pinball Wizard" without being a programming wizard. We've figured out the meaning of electrofart, phantazia, vectoring and more, so you can just plug in and play through. Don't believe your own eyes? Download a free trial!

  • Sinfonia for Matilda: It's a Miracle!

    March 5, 2019

    Want to "throw the hammer" at your upcoming production of Matilda? With Sinfonia, your whole score is covered--Quiet, Loud, and everything in between! Sinfonia allows you to customize the score to your production's needs, from keys, to cuts, to full real-time tempo control. Download a free trial today--it's not naughty! 

  • RMS Mix for The Sound of Music Is Now Available With Pro Audio!

    Aug. 27, 2018

    Want to have confidence in your upcoming production of The Sound of Music? RMS Mix is now available with pro audio! Solve the problem of your backing music with this gorgeous recording of a professional orchestra with all the bells and whistles you can only find in RMS Mix. Learn more here.

  • RMS Keyboards at The Oliviers

    April 18, 2016

    RMS Keyboards is used by the current London West End production of IN THE HEIGHTS. Hear it in action at the Olivier Awards broadcast. The production won 3 Oliviers, including a technical award for outstanding achievement in music.

  • Paul McCartney with Sinfonia

    Sir Paul McCartney with Sinfonia®, backstage at Cirque du Soleil's production, LOVE.