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The Addams Family Now Available For Sinfonia!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022



Putting together a band SHOULD be as easy as snapping your fingers, but we know it's not. For those times when you've only got Lurch on organ, Wednesday on violin and Thing on bongos - in comes Sinfonia to fill in the rest!

Sinfonia contains the entire orchestration but it’s not just simple tracks - it’s a software program that allows you full control over your music. You can transpose songs or just sections, cut music, emergency vamp a section if something goes wrong on stage, mute or adjust volume of individual instruments to allow for live players to fill spots, change tempo, control tempo in real time so that the music follows the stage action instead of the other way around, and so much more! It is truly the only product of its kind.

With both Windows and Mac functionality, unlimited rehearsal time and free tech support from a group that's been in the industry over 25 years; no Uncle Fester *light bulb* moment is necessary to make this decision!

  • Your show's full accompaniment arrangement

  • Total control of tempo and navigation

  • May be used alone, or integrated with live players

  • Extensive editing and customization features

  • Multiple unlocks for backups and additional users

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Oh, and in case you didn't hear, we've already released the RMS Keyboards programming for Addams Family!

  • All programming for your show's keyboard books

  • Every hard-to-find sound, carefully assembled

  • Support for Windows and Mac

  • 24/7 emergency tech support

  • No additional software purchases necessary

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