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Rehearsal Live Share


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What do people hear when they're in a Rehearsal Live Share session?
Can I use Rehearsal Live Share with my own material or content RMS hasn't developed?
Getting Started With Rehearsal Live Share
I've forgotten my account password. How do I reset it?
What's the cost of Rehearsal Live Share?
How do I delete my RMS Account?
RLS Best Practices
Rehearsal Live Share Known Issues
Can you recommend equipment for using Rehearsal Live Share?
What if I have technical questions?
How do I check the booking/show information from within the software?
How does Rehearsal Live Share handle latency?
How many people can participate in a Rehearsal Live Share session?
Will my students have to pay to access RMS Creator content or Rehearsal Live Share?
What's the difference between Director vs. Participant role in Rehearsal Live Share?
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