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RMS Creator


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What do people hear when they're in a Rehearsal Live Share session?
Can I use Rehearsal Live Share with my own material or content RMS hasn't developed?
How do I become an RMS Creator?
I've forgotten my account password. How do I reset it?
How much does RMS Creator cost?
What if I have technical questions?
What are the system requirements for RMS Creator?
How do I check the booking/show information from within the software?
Will my students have to pay to access RMS Creator content or Rehearsal Live Share?
I received my unlock code, but it's not working. What should I do?
Do you accept P.O.'s (Purchase Orders)?
The sound is bad when playing back the software through my amp or PA system. What's happening?
How do I check the version of the software I am using?
What is dedicated power and why is it important?
I've booked or created a show using RMS Creator. How do I share this content with my cast or ensemble?
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