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RMS Keyboards


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Why do I need RMS Keyboards?
What are the computer system requirements to run RMS Keyboards?
How much does RMS Keyboards cost?
How do I order RMS Keyboards for my production?
How long does it take to get an unlock code?
That sounds great! Can I try it out?
What is Exclusive Mode? How does this work?
When I click 'Purchase or Unlock,' I'm asked to Login - but I don't have an account with you yet.
I want to install your software on both Mac and Windows computers. Will I need to buy separate licenses for each type of system?
I'd like to purchase Sinfonia or RMS Keyboards from a different computer than the one I intend to use in performance. Is that okay?
What if I have technical questions?
What equipment do I need to run Sinfonia or RMS Keyboards?
What is your off-hours/emergency tech support policy?
When I press the hotkey to advance setups/songs, the software skips one or more of them. Why is this happening?
How do I check the booking/show information from within the software?
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