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RMS Mix Add-On To RMS Coach Purchase

Unlocking MacOS and Windows Computers

Thanks for purchasing the RMS Mix Add-On option along with your RMS Coach Order!

This document is for users who want to use the desktop version of RMS Mix (MacOS and Windows) to support their RMS Coach booking.

  • Before using RMS Mix, there must be at least one RMS Coach export.

  • RMS Mix comes packaged with the RMS Coach installer. You do not necessarily need to download each separately.

  • If you are the person who created the export and want to use RMS Mix on the same computer from which you exported, you should be unlocked automatically. Simply launch RMS Mix after exporting.

Instructions for General Users:
  1. Upon purchase of the RMS Mix add-on license, we will send the booking's point person an email with unlock instructions. Make sure you have this document in an electronic format, like a forwarded email.

  2. Click the Access Link in the unlock instructions document.

  3. If asked, log-in to your RMS account.

  4. You should receive a message confirming successful registration to the booking.

  5. Launch RMS Mix.

  6. If you get a 'no available content' message, click the Show Management button.

  7. Otherwise if presented with a Free Trial Version button option, click it. Then select menu Tools → Show Management.

  8. At this point, you should see your show listed as one of the available options. Drill inside to download the exported content and begin using RMS Mix.


Please click and watch the video above for a walk-thru of this process. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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