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RMS Mix (Standalone)

Exporting Edited Content For Smartphones/Tablets/Computers

Thanks for purchasing the standalone version of RMS Mix!

If you purchased at least two weeks before your first performance, your booking includes one week of editing time with our powerful Sinfonia resource. While we created one version of the show you can work with immediately, you may want to use Sinfonia to create others with transpositions, cuts, tempo modifications, custom markers, special channel groupings, and more.


Please follow these important instructions:
  1. Launch Sinfonia on the same computer used to order RMS Mix. Unlocking RMS Mix will also unlock Sinfonia on this computer. So Sinfonia should open in an unlocked state. Note: your editing time starts when the unlock code is delivered. Please plan accordingly.

  2. Edit the show per your needs (e.g. cuts, transpositions, tempo adjustments, etc.).

  3. (Optional) Select Tools → RMS Groupings to define/adjust instrument assignments to RMS groups.

  4. (Optional) Pan instruments to reflect group definitions. This is more important if you plan to use RMS Mix in conjunction with a multichannel sound design.

  5. Click on the first song to be exported. If you want to export the whole show, make sure the first song is selected. The export process will start there and continue down to the end of the song list.

  6. Select menu Tools → Export to RMS Mix. Follow the subsequent onscreen instructions to start the export.

  7. When the export is complete, a dialog window will ask if you want to upload the content to the RMS Cloud. Answer "Yes" to this and click "Next." 

  8. If asked, log-in to your RMS account.

  9. At this point, the upload should begin - and upon completion, the content will be available to your cast and production team. Here are instructions for accessing from an iPhone.


Please click and watch the video above for a walk-thru of this process. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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