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Sinfonia Audio Sample

From time to time, we get email requests from people asking for Sinfonia® audio samples. We've resisted these requests in the past because we felt people who experience Sinfonia® only through an MP3 or other audio file get the wrong idea about it. They hear a recording and think that that is exactly what Sinfonia® is: a recording. In actuality, what defines and distinguishes Sinfonia® is not so much its sound (although we're proud of that too), but its unique ability to be performed as a live instrument and integrate with an ensemble.


We still believe that the best way to get a real sense of our new instrument is to see it in action. Therefore, we always try to get those who are interested to spend time with the free trial. And we're always available to help you get set up and make it sound great with whatever equipment or facilities you have.

Nevertheless, the requests keep coming, and we recognize that some people still really want to download a quick example. Our challenge has been to find a way to provide something that demonstrates what we think is most beneficial about Sinfonia.

The audio sample here (see link below) is our attempt to do just that. What you will hear is a short excerpt from the Overture to Bizet's CARMEN. The scenario imagines a very small production of the classic opera performed by a nine piece ensemble: eight acoustic instruments plus Sinfonia®. In this live recording, the eight acoustic musicians first play the famous CARMEN theme by themselves. They then immediately repeat the theme, but this time joined by the Sinfonist. The point of the contrast – a small band playing without and then with Sinfonia® - is to demonstrate how well Sinfonia® helps eight instruments sound like fifty.

Click below for the CARMEN Sinfonia® Demo.

Carmen Audio DemoSinfonia
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