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I'm not hearing sound. What's going on?

There could be several reasons that you are not hearing sound when using RMS software. Here are some things to check:

  • First, check to make sure you have downloaded the samples that the software uses. Do this by quitting and relaunching. When you relaunch the software, a check is run to make sure you have downloaded all of the necessary sounds. If you have not, you get a message telling you "Warning: You Are Missing The Following Instruments..." To get the instruments, click the "Run Samplesync" button. If when you run Samplesync you're unable to connect to our server, you may have a firewall issue.

  • Next, check that you have selected the correct audio output device in the audio tab of the RMS Software preferences (Under the Tools menu on Windows; under the Product name on Mac). If the correct device is selected, make sure the volume is turned up for the physical device, and try playing some sound from our software. Click on the play button in the transport if you are using RMS Coach, Sifnonia, Mix, or RLS. Click on the on-screen keyboard if using RMS Keyboards.

  • If you have confirmed that no error messages are received when launching our software, that the correct audio device is selected in the audio tab of preferences, and you are still not getting sound, check to make sure you're getting sound out of other applications - whether another music application or even just a web browser. If you're not getting any sound from your computer whatsoever, it suggests that something is incorrectly configured outside of our software - it could be the speakers, the sound driver, or even be something as simple as turning up the volume in a place you had not considered before. Try to get any sound from your machine as a baseline, then retest the RMS software.

  • In our Preferences menu, in the Audio/MIDI tab, there is an "Exclusive Mode" option; which for some customers can help with latency issues. If this is on, turn it off, click "OK" to close and lock-in your preferences, close/relaunch the program and test again.

  • Mac Users should note that sometimes the audio output defaults to the "Airplay" audio output, which causes silence. Please select "Built In Output" or your external audio card (if one is connected) in order to make a valid audio connection.

  • Windows Users may run into audio or playback issues due to inherent settings in the Sound Control Panel. Check out this video.

  • Sinfonia and RMS Keyboards have a built in test signal which you can use to troubleshoot your signal chain effectively. In edit mode, click the headphone icon above one of the faders in the output mixer window to trigger a continuous sine wave. If you see an energy level in the fader, you will know that Sinfonia/Keyboards is able to produce sound and the problem exists further down your signal chain outside of the software.

  • If the problem exists outside of the software, make sure to test all areas of your signal chain from the computer all the way to the theater's sound system, including cables, speakers and mixing board settings that could be cutting off the sound output.

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