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I don't have an orchestra. Which resource is more appropriate for me: Sinfonia or RMS Mix?

Sinfonia is our premium product. It has many advantages, but chief among them is the ability to perform in real-time. In other words, with Sinfonia, you follow the conductor, actors and singers on stage. Your cast - and other musicians if you are filling out a small band - can perform naturally, without being locked into a fixed audio recording.

With RMS Mix, you will get limited access to Sinfonia's powerful editing capabilities*. During this time, you can set tempos, transpose and make many other customizations. Then that content can be exported and shared on as many computers and mobile devices as you like. At that point, unlike Sinfonia, the audio content is locked . But it has features that go way beyond typical tracks. You can treat individual instrument families separately. You can vamp an arbitrary number of times. Everyone involved with the show can have ready access to the full music for rehearal or performances purposes. And more.

Ideally, your production will book both resources. While either could be used when you can't put together a full band, they can assist a production in different ways and compliment each other. We offer pricing bundles to make this more affordable.

Beyond this though, your decision may be driven by individual needs and budget. Feel free to contact us if you want to talk through the pros and cons as they relate to your unique situation.

* Access to editing capabilities for RMS Mix dependent on a timely order. For maximum access (1 week), complete order at least two weeks before first performance.
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