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What is the Output Labeler?

If you are using any of our resources with a multichannel audio interface or sound card, you can access the various available output channels through the output assignment letters near the bottom of each instrument fader. This allows you to create a very sophisticated sound design and audio mix. However, if you're working with a lot of channels. the letters can get confusing. With the Output Labeler tool, you can assign more user-friendly names to each available output, to simplify the process. The naming is entirely up to you. You might name things accorgding to instrument groups (Strings, Brass), by your devices hardware ports (ADAT1-2, S/PDIF), or anything else that will make the design more convenient.

Using the Output Labeler, which is accessed through the Tools menu, is simply a matter of typing your desired label next to the corresponding letter. Once assigned, your custom labels will then appear in both the Instrument and Output mixer windows.

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