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How does volume work in RMS Keyboards?

This link discusses volume in RMS Keyboards, here are the main points:

  • Notice when you launch RMS Keyboards and look at your Keyboard window, there is a single Master Fader on the far right. This can be adjusted on the fly with a MIDI volume pedal or slider that sends CC7 or CC11 data. Any changes to this Master Fader will not save. For permanent edits, switch to Edit Mode.

  • At the top of the screen it says Mode P for Performance. You’re changing it to Mode E for Edit.

  • Now you should see that the Master Fader has broken out to individual faders for all of the instruments in this particular setup. If the setup consists of a single instrument (i.e. “Piano” or “Clean Electric Guitar”, you’ll now see a single fader with this name. Edit the volume level of this fader to whatever you desire.

  • Save your changes by clicking File > Save in the upper lefthand corner, just like you would in Microsoft Word

  • Switch back to Mode P. Note that the Master Fader is still at 100 (provided you don’t have a volume pedal hooked up). Not to worry, your volume change is indeed intact, and if you switch back to Edit Mode, you’ll see it. The Master Fader is merely a 2nd gain stage that you can control with a pedal or slider - but you don’t have to. You can set your mix in Edit Mode ahead of time, save it, and not fuss with live volume changes during the show if you don’t want to.

Troubleshooting Note: There have been some cases where customers open their show file and in Performance mode, see a value of Zero (or something other than 100) in their master fader. This happens if you’re in Edit Mode and accidentally send CC7 data to the program (tap the volume pedal/touch a volume slider).

To Fix this:

  1. Enter Edit Mode

  2. Select the Global Edit Mode 4-sided arrow in the upper lefthand corner of the Keyboard window

  3. Level off the volume pedal (the halfway point between all the way up and all the way down

  4. File > Save, go back to Performance Mode

  5. Now the Master Fader should be closer to "100" (the neutral setting)

  6. Instead of the first 5 steps, you could also hit File > New and start with a clean show file

Additional notes:

  • Let’s say you feel a certain patch, we’ll say “Celeste” is too loud for the whole show and you want to bring it down. This is where Global Edit Mode comes into play.

  • Go to Edit Mode (mode E)

  • Once there, click the 4 sided arrow in the upper right left hand corner. This enables Global Edit Mode.

  • Any changes you make now will affect every instance of that particular instrument in the show. So you can drag that Celeste up or down, Save, go back to Performance mode, and all of the Celeste’s in the show will have adjusted to that value.

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