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My instructions for unlocking RMS Mix on mobile do not seem to apply. There's no place to enter a QR code. What should I do?

Beginning September 18, 2018, we are transitioning to a new accounts based system for delivering and unlocking content. This will be a gradual process, as we continue to support older versions of our resources, while simultaneously implementing newer, more flexible, and more convenient methods. In the coming weeks we will update this page, as well as add new help articles and tutorials. Please bear with us!

The move to accounts involves two significant changes:

  1. The booking must be associated with an RMS account, typically that of the person who initiated the booking (the Owner).

  2. All other users (the Cast) must log in to our accounts system to access this account, using either personal credentials or through a shared set of credentials we will give you.

Step 1: Associating a booking with the Owner's account.

For Step 1, the owner merely needs to log in to our accounts system from an unlocked desktop computer.

Step 2: Providing access to the Cast.

All bookings will be assigned a custom, shared email address and password. As of September 21, 2018, these details have been sent to the owners of existing bookings - and the owners may in turn disseminate them to their respective casts. On future bookings, the original instructions will incorporate this new process.

The shared login credentials can retrieve any content associated with the booking, assuming step 1 has been completed. These credentials allow access without the need to establish a personal account.

Simply follow the emailed instructions, using the supplied common login credentials. You should be good to go!

Alternatively, the cast may log in with individual credentials using Facebook, Google, or personal account creation. Please see the Establishing a Cast FAQ and this instructional video for info on creating and using your own mobile log in credentials.

Again, we are in the early stages with this change. These instructions will be smoothed out and supplemented with additional video guides and tutorials. Thank you for your patience - and of course, please contact us if you need any assistance.

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