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How do I create my own RMS Coach content?

To utilize the RMS Coach Creator, you’ll need to have your own MIDI files. Users typically create these in notation software (like Finale/Sibelius/etc) or a Digital Audio Workstation (like ProTools/Logic/etc) - or sometimes they can even be found online for free.

Once you have some MIDI files, you can begin experimenting with RMS Creator!

  • Download RMS Coach

  • During install you’ll be asked to pick a show. Choose any show from the list (for the moment, an official RMS Coach show needs to be in place to proceed with the Build Original Show functionality.

  • After install is finished, launch RMS Coach.

  • Click the button to run the free trial.

  • Select menu: File > Build Original Show

  • A wizard will run where you can select midi files on your computer and build your first show.

  • Once the show is in place, you’ll have the standard RMS Coach functionality of renaming songs/changing song order/adding cuts/vamps/repeats/attaccas/transpositions as well as fine tempo editing and assigning of your parts to specific instrument sounds.

  • You can use the Creator on your machine locally for free to get the hang of it. Only when you decide to begin sharing the content with your students do you need to sign up for a subscription.

We've also created a helpful video tutorial for this process.

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