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The loud sections are too loud and the soft sections are too soft. Help!

We mix our shows with a realistic dynamic range (soft parts vs loud parts) in accordance with a show's score and creator's wishes. Depending on your production's needs, this dynamic range may be too wide or not wide enough. This is why Sinfonia features a slider that allows the user to control the amount of dynamic range that occurs during playback.

Open Sinfonia, go into Preferences (under Sinfonia if on Mac, under Tools if on Windows). From here, click the Audio pane. There’s a slider here for Dynamic Range which is set to 2.22 by default. Lowering that setting will decrease the dynamic range, so that soft and loud moments in the show are closer together in volume level. Conversely, increasing the dynamic range setting will increase the dynamic range of playback volumes, so that loud sections are louder and soft sections are softer. Be careful not to lower the setting too much, as overdoing it can remove the realistic dynamics from your show, causing odd or undesirable results.

Don't forget to save your changes when you’ve found the setting you like.

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