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Can I have multiple logins for the same computer?

Understand that upon installation, our programs place files on the System side of the computer. Then, as the programs are opened up and utilized, data is cloned over to the individual User side.

This means, if you are the admin of the computer, you install our software and unlock it, the configuration file (the file that grants access and is responsible for 'unlocking') is only applicable to that particular login. But - rest assured that you can unlock the software on as many local accounts as necessary without using up subsequent authorizations.

For example: You're utilizing school machines and the admin (whether you, the teacher or the IT person) has full access to the machine, installs the software, purchases the software and unlocks it. You have full access to the program whenever you login from your admin account. Great. Now you want a student to be able to login to the same computer with their individual credentials and use the software. When they launch the software from their login, they're greeted with Trial mode. This is expected behavior - just unlock the computer again. You can do this either with your specific RMS Accounts login or, have them create their own and then unlock with the order number we've supplied you.

Even if 10 people unlock using different accounts on the computer, you'll only be using up 1 of the limited authorizations we provide.

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