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What changed in the various software releases?

Our software has been in active, constant development for more than 20 years. As of this writing, there have been more than 15,000 separate versions. We unfortunately don't have a full log of everything in the past. But going forward, as of February 2020, we will post here what's new and/or changed in our public releases.

Please see the revision history below. You can use this to determine whether a particular change applies to you and whether it is worth upgrading.

All Programs

  • r29154 - 9/28/21: Improved clipping meter.

  • r27381 - 3/3/20: Implemented progress bar on crash/feedback reporter.

  • r27354 - 2/18/20: added version update notification system. Improvements to external device handling.

Rehearsal Live Share

  • r29317 - 9/12/22: Fixed issue with long song titles. Fixed issue with Android Microphones. Made sharing show updates with cast easier.

  • r29262 - 4/15/22: Background stability fixes.

  • r29239 Mac/Win; r29230 iOS; r29250 Android - 1/21/22: Renamed Base Minimum Delay pref to Participant Muting Tolerance. Output Mixer values are now song based rather than show based. You can now reorder the songs in your show. Computer performance window fixed. Optimizations in place for less intensive video recording. Fixed Avatar pixilation issues. Take file downloading optimized; progress no longer based on slowest connection (requires all members to update)

  • r29154 - 9/28/21: Showcase mode. Ability to select/manipulate multiple mixer view faders at once. Speed test tool. Optional HD Video Transmission’ preference. Mobile channel labels fixed. Directors can now share ghost fader takes to participants who don’t already have them.

  • r29108 - 8/16/21: Android camera functionality. Improved clipping indicator. Take transfer window adapted for mobile.

  • r29072 - 7/14/21: Fixed phantom 3rd file during MP4 transfer (participant side display issue solved). Take recording level meter display resets to 0 on Stop. Improved Live Streaming to Facebook and Youtube. X’ing out of Live Share window now gives the same warning message as “Ending” or “Leaving” rehearsal. Reconfigured Preferences window.

  • r29071 (Android/Chromebook) -7/13/21: Fixed bug that broke file transfer when video recording was selected.

  • r29043 (iOS) - 7/8/21: Fixed bug that corrupted video signal when changing device orientation.

  • r29038 - 7/6/21: Livestreaming to Facebook/YouTube Live! Fixed extraneous file on video recordings. Fixes to level meters. Miscellaneous UI tweaks.

  • r29027 - 6/28/21: Added "Forgot Login" button to Sign-in dialog.

  • r29023 - 6/28/21: Take Deletion. Reformatted Preferences Window. Android Tutorials Link Fixed. Chromebook Camera Fixed. Adjusted Performance Window Size. Fixed Sticky Android Dialog Boxes.

  • r29007 - 6/16/21: Director’s can now unassign all takes for the whole group by holding Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) and clicking the Share button. Buffer Adjust values no longer reset after crash. Take listing and assignment improvements (sometimes when sharing takes to participants, they wouldn’t immediately populate and director would have to change songs - and now when a director sends out an mp4, it is assigned instead of the wav). Takes now save on Mobile when exiting program. Serializing take sharing fixed (participant on bottom receives takes as they should). Take assignments no longer clear when call is initiated MacOS Performance Window accuracy improved. Relocation sync delays during RLS session illustrated clearly to director. Metronome no longer has reverb.

  • r28977 - 6/4/21: Integrated playback of director/conductor videos. Video recording latency compensation slider for Director. Hardware Performance Window added to desktop. Background downloading process and auto close of transfer windows. Transfer window now resizable. Improved auto-muting of participants with struggling devices/internet. Share button locked during playback/recording.

  • r28892 (Windows) - 5/10/21: Fixed bug that caused recording latency on Windows when track was muted by director.

  • r28889 (MacOS/Windows) & r28888 (mobile) - 5/7/21): New software update mechanism. New protections and feedback for when individual participants have poor internet connection. New correlation of master RLS fader with Parts mixer. New GUI dilieation between RLS playback of backing parts vs. stereo recording. Fixed crash that occured when changing headphones mid-session. Fixed missing feedback report info on mobile.

  • r28876 - 4/28/21: Fixed bug that caused crash report dialog to get stuck behind splash screen. Subset show versions now let you download just the applicable audio files. Better take transfer handling for users with slow internet connections. New clip meter in set-up wizard.

  • r28866 - 4/23/21: Fixed bug that glitchy audio on new show builds.

  • r28861 - 4/22/21: Fixed bug that prevented Windows users from sharing stereo recordings. Introduced Serialization!

  • r28844 (Windows) & r28843 (everything else) - 4/16/21: Fixed issue where very long song titles could not be shared. Improvements to setup wizard. Improved panning handling.

  • r28832 - 4/13/21: Fixed a gain stage bug.

  • r28827 - 4/12/21: Introduced new desktop set-up wizard. Added new keyboard shortcuts for fader strip handling.

  • r28822 - 4/12/21: Fixed playback issues with midsong stereo recording.

  • r28795 - 4/02/21: Participants can now record multichannel source. Fixed bug that prevented participants from seeing show updates. Fixed takes transfer issue.

  • r28779 - 3/25/21: More efficient handling of sync signals. Login screen moved to first step of launch process. Additional GUI feedback during recording.

  • r28747 - 3/25/21 (iOS/Android/Chromebook) - Mobile potrait dialogs fixed.

  • r28736 - 3/16/21: Fixed bug that led to stuck subscription dialog. Now possible to hide ghost faders. New ghost fader icon.

  • r28729 - 3/10/21: Show update mechanism fixed (desktop). Live and recorded volume levels unified. Improved Modify Show functionality
. Buffer adjustment improved
. Recording, song change, and countdown visual feedback added (mobile). Server Connection Status window added to launch
. End Rehearsal button removed from Personal Live Share
. Countoff disabled for now, to avoid participant conflicts.

  • r28703 - 2/25/21: Chromebook and Android!

  • r28619 (iOS) - 2/24/21: iOS response to buffer adjust mechanism.

  • r28603 - 2/10/21: Director as Participant: Directors can now record and share audio in multichannel sessions.

  • r28579 - 2/5/21: Fixed a bug that prevented the Record button from displaying.

  • r28576 (MacOS) & r28577 (Windows) - 2/2/21: Implemented tooltips. Better Help menu links. Some GUI clean-ups.

  • r28560 - 1/27/21: Added Volume/Panning options to Gallery View. Added auto cloud sharing when removing a song from a show. Added Participant Update option upon receiving invite from director with modified show file. Removed Modify show option during Live session. Fixed issues related to building shows with time sig and tempo changes. Made automatic share back of files default preference

  • r28526 - 1/14/21: Ability to add/delete songs to an existing show. Preference to automatically share back collected takes. Ability to add/edit audio markers to songs without conductor tracks. Better GUI feedback during recording. Other small bug and GUI fixes.

  • r28498 - 12/21/20: Fixed bug that caused mid-song session recordings to playback out of sync.

  • r28493 - 12/17/20: Session limit raised to 30! Fixed bug that counted saved takes towards session size. Many small fixes.

  • r28479 - 12/11/20: Video recording and sharing!

  • r28458 - 12/1/20: Visual countdown. Takes playback issue fixed. Midsong record and playback. Change out the take during playback. Stop button is immediate. Fixed issue with director fader sometimes not appearing. Fixed take assignment persistence issue. Other small fixes.

  • r28435 (MacOS/Windows) & r28431 (iOS) - 11/25/20: Director view now defaults to self during Personal Live Share session. Changed delimiter character on session audio files.

  • r28415 - 11/23/20: Ability to record PLS takes independant of any previous session. Fixed bug that created infinite loop with Facebook avatars. Fixed bug that prevented immediate playback after sharing audio. Other small fixes.

  • r28405 - 11/20/20: Personal live share rehearsal and recording mode, multi-track sharing, auto relocation of participants upon joining rehearsal, participants can assign and unassign collaborator takes as they rehearse

  • r28378 - 11/15/20 (iOS): Implemented landscape/Mixer window view.

  • r28365 - 11/13/20: Fixed a bug with multi-channel mp3 shows.

  • r28361 - 11/6/20: Export directly from RMS Coach/RMS Mix to standalone RLS App. Fixes to shared audio file naming. Colored dot improvements.

  • r28345 - 11/5/20 (iOS): Social media login now supported. Minor fixes.

  • r28322 - 10/30/20: Fixed some dialog windows, update link, participant playhead interaction, camera toggle issues, hiding share button for participants, connectivity issues

  • r28285 - 10/26/20: Fixed crash related to sharing session audio containing multitrack backing.

  • r28275 - 10/22/20: Bug fixes related to unnamed MIDI channels and clearing of registration data on clicking access link.

  • r282590 - 10/20/20: RLS in-app sharing and play back of stereo session recording.

  • r28219 - 10/14/20: Standalone Rehearsal Live Share app!

  • r28182 - 10/9/20: Multichannel mp3 support. Fixed access link clipboard copy. Network improvements.

  • r28151 - 10/2/20: Button access to multichannel recordings. Connectivity improvements. Integrated build/delete mechanisms in Show Management. Easier delivery of Access Link.

  • r28093 - 9/18/20: Participant/Director availability improvements. Show Management update and workflow improvements. Numerous bug fixes.

  • r28083 - 9/10/20: Hover mechanism to identify content conflicts between Director & Participants.

  • r28061 - 9/04/20: Multichannel recording!

  • r27993 - 8/29/20: Sync and network improvements.

RMS Coach

  • r29262 - 4/15/22: Background stability fixes.

  • r29239 - 1/21/22: Spaces now allowed in Marker name creation. Tempo editing UI upgrade for clearer points editing. MBT visual upgraded for clarity and tick relocating. Lyrics transfer to RLS during export. New tempo editing interface for improved clarity. The ability to draw both Points (Holding P Key) or Lines (Holding the L key) into the tempo grid. New Iteration filter for making sophisticated edits within vamps and repeats. New Navigation Event reference area while drawing in Tempo/Volume edits in Points view.

  • r29173 - 11/4/21: Fixed a problem with curly brace lyric handling.

  • r29154 - 9/28/21: Live Share functionality removed (can still export to RLS). Original content song importing automatically strips .mid from name.

  • r28361 - 11/6/20: Export directly from RMS Coach/RMS Mix to standalone RLS App. Colored dot improvements.

  • r28322 - 10/30/20: Fixed some dialog windows, camera toggle issues, hiding share button for participants, connectivity issues

  • r27968 - 8/25/20: Fixed issue that prevented Mac and Windows users from being on same session.

  • r27965 (MacOS) - 8/24/20: Fixed crash related to building Creator show with certain MIDI files.

  • r27940 (Windows) & r27941(MacOS) - 8/19/20: A few fixes to improve stability and session connectivity.

  • r27930 - 8/18/20: Fixed bug in crash reporter system.

  • r27929 - 8/12/20: 20 person session limit. Chat mode. Fixed bug that sometimes prevented Record button display.

  • r27921 - 8/11/20: Fixed bug that erroneously demanded RMS Creator subscribers also have an RMS prepared show unlocked.

  • r27913 - 8/6/20: Session limit lifted to 16. Conversation mode.

  • r27906 (Windows) - 7/31/20: Fixed bug related to uploading Creator content to RMS Cloud.

  • r27896 - 7/30/20: Added more memory buffers.

  • r27893 - 7/29/20: Session limits lifted to 12. Record feature introduced.

  • r27868 - 7/24/20: Greater emphasis on sync over latency. Improved session joining.

  • r27858 - 7/17/20: Removed demand for lyrics on custom content. RLS screen mirroring.

  • r27848 - 7/10/20: Rehearsal Live Share official v1.0, with multi-participant functionality!

  • r27772 - 6/8/20: Fixed issue with low resolution MIDI tick settings. Improved presentation of available RLS participants.

  • r27764 - 6/5/20: Workaround for lower end Intel Windows graphics cards.

  • r27760 - 6/5/20: Fixed some network communication bugs.

  • r27710 (MacOS) & r27712 (Windows) - 5/31/20: Rehearsal Live Share introduced!

  • r27381 - 3/3/20: Fixed GUI issue that prevented adjustments to wait values.

RMS Keyboards

  • r29674 7/13/23 - Improved external device monitoring.

  • r29598 - Windows update for sound drops, Mac update for new system requirements 10.13, fixed issue wherein certain effect parameters weren't saving, improved current setup window

  • r29581 (mac) - Fixes to sound randomly dropping during patch changes

  • r29549 - Fixes to ASIO drivers for Windows.

  • r29533 - 1/24/23: Fixed a bug wherein you couldn't resize windows

  • r29524 - 1/20/23: Major fix to a bug wherein sound would break after X amount of patch changes.

  • r29482 - Setup duplication crash fixed, plugins GUI amended, glitch with instruments sticking when switching shows fixed, keyboard window highlight issue fixed,

  • r29317 - 9/12/22: Now allowing users to add 3rd party plugins to their RMS Keyboards shows.

  • r29276 - 5/20/22: Fixed issues with Monophonic tag and portamento. Adjusted gain to prevent hitting limiter.

  • r29262 - 4/15/22: Exclusive mode prefs added; access to Master fader in Edit mode added.

  • r29251 (windows only update) - 3/10/22: Minimized latency when using WASAPI audio driver (SW)

  • r29232 - 1/21/22: Issues fixed with multi-layer instrument visual in edit mode. Various minor tweaks.

  • r29027 - 6/25/21: Fixed bug related to multichannel audio interfaces.

  • r27381 - 3/3/20: Restored preference option to turn off advancing to next song from last set-up.

  • r27373 - 2/28/20: Fixed default comment window size.

  • r27357 - 2/19/20: Fixed a problem with the comment function introduced with previous version.

  • r27354 - 2/18/20: New preference for displaying measure numbers with setups.


  • r29262 - 4/15/22: Background stability fixes.

  • r29232 - 1/21/22: Ability to change song order, add/remove songs from custom shows.

  • r29154 - 9/28/21: Live Share functionality removed (can still export to RLS).

  • r28361 - 11/6/20: Export directly from RMS Coach/RMS Mix to standalone RLS App. Colored dot improvements.

  • r28322 - 10/30/20: Fixed some dialog windows, camera toggle issues, hiding share button for participants, connectivity issues

  • r27983 - 8/27/20: Fixed problems related to 32bit float files and Windows mic inputs.

  • r27968 - 8/26/20: RLS support!

  • r27420 - 4/13/20: Fixed Mix Add-On Extension mechanism.


  • r29674 7/13/23 - Improved external device monitoring.

  • r29663 - 6/27/23: Issues with tempo monitoring during tapping have been resolved.

  • 29653 - 5/25/23: More fixes to tapping, integration of new guitar fx.

  • r29585 - 3/6/23: Fixed more issues with tapping after rests

  • r29545 - 1/26/23: Fixed issue where extra tap was necessary to leave a STOP event.

  • r29533 - 1/24/23: Fixed crashes in the playback engine. Removed Region view of tempo edits. Fixed tapping issue that appeared when a rest followed a repeat in the rhythm window. Fixed issue with not permitting edits to Undefine events in Advanced Editor.

  • r29482 - Exclusive mode no longer default, Hotkey display in Timeline fixed,

  • r29417 - 11/9/22: Fixed issue with dropped instruments.

  • r29317 - 9/12/22: Various background stability fixes; issues with muting of instruments fixed, metronome routing prefs now save properly.

  • r29300 - 8/10/22: Issues with tapping, single point navigation events and the crash reporter fixed.

  • r29293 - 7/13/22: Amendments to volume and fx handling.

  • r29262 - 4/15/22: Exclusive mode prefs added

  • r29242 - 3/9/22: Issue with held notes after attaccas fixed. More reactive Transport Window. Visual cues while utilizing Play/Go/Cruise Modes, Exiting Vamps, Entering a fermata, etc. New tempo editing interface for improved clarity. The ability to draw both Points (Holding P Key) or Lines (Holding the L key) into the tempo grid. New Iteration filter for making sophisticated edits within vamps and repeats. New Navigation Event reference area while drawing in Tempo/Volume edits in Points view; making it easier to draw in Tempo/Volume edits with Wait/Times values. The ability to draw intricate instrument Volume edits. New individual instrument view filters; easily work on one instrument at a time and see that instrument’s edits only. The new Output Mixer filter in the Timeline; allowing you to easily draw volume fade in’s and fade outs for the whole orchestra in one fell swoop. New Timeline View Filter Preferences - allow the view filter to change based on different parameters of your choice. New Automatic Song Reset Preference. Ability to assign your midi keyboard with either the Setup Wizard or Keyboard Window. Metronome click added; use it for a whole song or just part of a song. The ability to route the click to different channels of a multi-channel audio interface.

  • r29027 - 6/25/21: Fixed bug related to multichannel audio interfaces.

  • r28901 - 5/17/21: Fixed bug that prevented external sound reroutes from saving. Fixed bug that prevented reading of initial tempo event under certain circumstances.

  • r27420 - 4/13/20: Improved special handling introduced in r27373, fixed priority for events located at same measure/beat/tick.

  • r27381 - 3/3/20: Fixed GUI issue that prevented adjustments to wait values.

  • r27373 - 2/28/20: Improved and expanded special wait times use cases (e.g. activate on vamp exit; patterned mutes, like a pickup up phrase that plays every 4th vamp.)

  • r27354 - 2/18/20: Fixed a crash related to volume fader interactions with certain hybrid audio files.


  • r27444 - 3/24/20: Fixed line editing bug.

  • r27354 - 2/18/20: Revamped Android handling of audio input.

RMS SampleSync

  • r27896 (MacOS) - 7/30/20: Added permissions adjustment mechanism to aid in general installation.

  • r27799 - 6/19/20: Fixed permissions issue that led to errors during installation.

  • r27381 - 3/3/20: Under-the-hood expansion of permitted file formats.

RMS Show Delivery Utility (SDU)

  • r29319 - 9/12/22: Fixed bug where default show was incorrectly set under certain circumstances.

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