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How do I become an RMS Creator?

To become an RMS Creator, you'll first want to download RMS Coach, RMS Mix, or Rehearsal Live Share (RMS Creator includes the ability to build your own show on any of these platforms).

As a reminder:

  • RMS Coach allows for MIDI based content creation

  • RMS Mix allows for Audio based content creation

  • Rehearsal Live Share allows for Audio based content creation with the added ability to run online rehearsals

Once you've downloaded and installed the application following the prompts for use with user-created content, you'll be able to open up the program. When it prompts you to log in, you'll want to either create an account or log in with saved Facebook or Google credentials.

You'll then see your name at the far right end of the program menu at the top of your screen. Under that is the option to Visit My Account. Click that to be taken to the RMS Accounts page. The option "Upgrade Now!" will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Click that. You'll be able to choose the monthly or yearly billing option there.

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