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What's the difference between Director vs. Participant role in Rehearsal Live Share?

As a Director, you are the one who begins a Rehearsal Live Share session. You invite a single person, or a group, to lead in rehearsal. You can also invite others after a session has begun.

You as Director are the only one that sees and hears everyone. Everyone in the cast can hear you as well. You can scroll through their video feeds and even adjust volumes and pan their voices in Mixer view.

As Director, you have almost total control over RMS Coach. You change songs, you press Play and Stop, you navigate through a song via typing in measure numbers or clicking on markers. All of your commands are replicated on the participant side.

As the Director has the most data incoming into their machine, they should be controlling the session from the strongest computer with the fastest, most stable internet for best results.

As a Participant, you are someone who is invited into a Rehearsal Live Share session. You also have the ability to join a session already in progress by double clicking the Director's name in the Rehearsal Live Share window. You will only see and hear your Director and the RMS Coach program. You don't have to worry about changing songs or locations, all of this is handled by the Director. You can, however, mute or adjust volumes of the other Parts in RMS Coach. You can also turn the metronome on and off. You also have the ability to change volumes and panning in Mixer view of your director and RMS Coach.

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