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How do I delete shows from my device?

We have engineered show deleting to be based on whether you are the creator of the show, or merely someone who has downloaded the show in the past.


  1. Launch the RMS application you used to create the show

  2. Click Tools > Show Management

  3. Here, you'll find all the shows you've created or have access to

  4. Find the folder of the show you'd like to delete

  5. Right click it (if you are on Mac and don't know how to right click, read this)

  6. When you right click the folder, you'll find a delete option

  7. Clicking Delete will give you a message. If this is a show of your creation, the message informs you that deleting the show will not only wipe it from your drive, it will also delete it from the cloud. (If it's a show you didn't create but have access to, it will wipe it from your computer and you'll need to click its Access Link again to get it back)

  8. After doing this, the show will be deleted from your computer and the cloud. The access link attributed to it will become invalid. The show will still exist locally on anyone's computer who downloaded it in the past.


  1. Launch the RMS application you've been using

  2. Follow steps 2 through 6 above

  3. At step 7 above, you will get a different message - the message will let you know that the show will be deleted from your drive locally and to access it again in the future, you'll need an access link from your instructor

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