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Editing shows that feature pre-recorded material

For many years, Sinfonia was limited to sample based content. The great thing about sample based content is that it can be manipulated; sped up, slowed down, transposed, cut up, moved around, etc. It's what makes Sinfonia, Sinfonia. There's no better compromise in a live theatrical environment - especially when paired with a handful of live players.

That said, in the past couple of years, we've started to create live band recordings as well - live recordings which, although they will always sound superior to their sample based counterparts, can't be manipulated in the same way.

Shows that feature this at this point are: Godspell and Little Shop of Horrors (original). If you have one of these shows in Sinfonia you'll notice that if you go to File > Open, there are 2 show files included. One plain titled, the other with the suffix "Pre-rec".

If you're looking to have full, fluid control over a song or editing capabilities, you'll need to do so in the plain titled version of the show, i.e. "LittleShop_orig" as opposed to "LittleShopOrig_PreRec".

Note: You can combine songs between the show files, so if you only need to control/edit a couple of songs, you can do so in the sample based show file and then add them to the pre-rec one. Adding songs is covered in the Sinfonia manual here, but if you need additional help, simply shoot us a message thru our Contact Form.

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