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Understanding the Colored Availability Dots

The dot system is in place to quickly figure out who you can connect with. All below info included in our new video.

  • Green Dot - This indicates the user is online, and ready to be called into an RLS session. In order for users in your live share window to have a green dot, they must open the compatible application, version, and show.

  • Yellow Dot - This user is online, but may not be called into an RLS session due to to their having a different application, version, or show open. If you hover over their yellow dot with your mouse arrow, a tooltip will appear displaying that user’s application, version, and show details. Using that info, you may communicate with your cast members outside of the software to inform them of any action needed to correct the mismatch.

  • Red Dot - This user is currently in an RLS session, and may not be called.

  • Red Dot (directing) - This status means the user is directing an RLS session. If you have the compatible software, version, and show open, you may request to join this user’s session by double-clicking their name. Once they accept your request, you will be added to that session in progress.

  • Black/Grey Dot - This indicates the user does not have the application open, and may not be called into an RLS session.


  • We have seen that sometimes, even though a participant may indeed have the same software open as the director and the same show data, they're still showing up as yellow. This is something we're continuing to work through and improve. The first thing to do, is to make sure you are on the latest version of the software. If at the top of the program, you see an "Update" button, it means there are updates available and you should get them in place. If you are on the latest version and still running into this, the quick fix is for either or both parties to sign out and sign back into the software. At the top of the screen, click your name and click Sign out - then, sign in again and check the Live Share window to see if you're not showing as green. Reach out to us if you get stuck.

  • If you are signed into the program and your Live Share window is completely blank, it means that network security (firewall, security software, etc) is getting in the way of our server. If you're at a school or other organization with a heavy firewall, pass on this FAQ. If you're at home, try to disable any extra network security software you may be running and try again.

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