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When I press the hotkey to advance setups/songs, the software skips one or more of them. Why is this happening?

This indicates your keyboard is sending multiple note-ons for each key press on your keyboard. This can result in the software skipping songs or patches every time the hotkey is pressed.

One of the ways we make RMS Keyboards user-friendly is to set the program to recieve MIDI messages from your keyboard in omni mode, meaning the program is receiving messages from all the MIDI channels of your device. While this makes setup much easier since you do not have to set the correct midi channel in the software or keyboard, sometimes keyboards have been configured to send messages on multiple channels, which results in multiple hotkey messages per key press.

The fastest and easiest way to resolve this problem is to reset your MIDI keyboard to its factory settings. This generally involves holding down buttons while power cycling the device, but since all keyboards are different, you should do an google search for the method corresponding to your keyboard. For example, if the make of your keyboard is "M-Audio", and the model is "Axiom 61", you should perform a Google search for "M-Audio Axiom 61 factory reset". This factory reset information may also be found in your keyboard's manual, which can also be found on the web.

You can also see exactly what messages your computer is receiving by opening MIDIVIEW for Windows or Mac. This program will display all MIDI messages that your computer recieves from a particlar device, and makes troubleshooting MIDI hardware much easier.

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