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For over fifteen years and over 100,000 performances, Sinfonia® has been the leader in orchestra enhancement technology.

From Broadway to the West End to Cirque du Soleil to thousands of professional and amateur theatres, Sinfonia® has been the premier resource for organizations that need help putting together a full orchestral sound.

Whether licensed under the brand names OrchExtra® (for Music Theatre International productions), InstrumentalEase® (for Rodgers & Hammerstein productions) or as independent projects, Sinfonia® is the technology that delivers power, quality, flexibility and service.

Sinfonia® is patented technology for achieving realistic and performance accurate orchestral enhancement. It sounds just like an orchestra! It is also an innovative musical instrument that follows a conductor’s tempo and responds to constantly changing musical nuance during live performance. Sinfonia is capable of enhancing and supporting a live ensemble of any size. Its user friendly and intuitive programming allows you to personalize your musical expression.

The product is an extraordinary benefit to High School Theatre! What a joy it was for our students to have the thrill of being accompanied by a full orchestra. Members of our small school orchestra learned so much by having the experience of accompanying a live performance!

Maggie Ward,
Notre Dame Prep School, Towson, MD

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Hear the difference Sinfonia® makes when added to a small ensemble!

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