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What does Sinfonia sound like?
How much does Sinfonia cost?
How does Sinfonia work?
Are there any Sinfonia video tutorials?
How long does it take to get an unlock code?
That sounds great! Can I try it out?
How do I order Sinfonia for my production?
What's the difference between Sinfonia, OrchExtra, and InstrumentalEase?
When I click 'Purchase or Unlock,' I'm asked to Login - but I don't have an account with you yet.
I'd like to use Sinfonia just for rehearsals; does this affect the cost?
I want to install your software on both Mac and Windows computers. Will I need to buy separate licenses for each type of system?
I don't have an orchestra. Which resource is more appropriate for me: Sinfonia or RMS Mix?
How do I add RMS Mix to my Sinfonia or RMS Coach booking?
I'd like to purchase Sinfonia or RMS Keyboards from a different computer than the one I intend to use in performance. Is that okay?
How do I export my RMS Coach or Sinfonia data for RMS Mix use?
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