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How do I export my RMS Coach or Sinfonia data for RMS Mix use?

In order to access your content on RMS Mix, you must first export your show from Sinfonia or RMS Coach. This process involves 2 steps: exporting the songs, and then uploading to the cloud. Both steps are critical if you wish to access the content on mobile devices. Mix licenses are alotted 5 uploads to the cloud, so be judicious about that particular step. If there are edits to your show that you know you will definitely be making, it may be best to make those changes before proceeding.

When you are ready, begin by exporting your show. After authenticating Sinfonia or RMS Coach, open up the program, go to the Tools menu and select "Export to RMS Mix".

Take note of the currently selected song. The export process will start there and then proceed to the end of the show. So if you want to export the entire show, make sure the first song in the Songs window is highlighted. If you want just a portion of the show, start later in the list. Or cut and rearrange things to create a custom playback.


After the export process completes, you will be asked if you wish to upload your newly exported show to the cloud. Clicking yes at this step will upload the songs to the cloud, using up one of your 5 alotted uploads, and allow that content to be accessed on mobile devices.

This short video tutorial might also help.

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