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I'd like to purchase Sinfonia or RMS Keyboards from a different computer than the one I intend to use in performance. Is that okay?

Probably. Your license for Sinfonia or RMS Keyboards allows you to unlock multiple computers. So in simple logistical terms, there shouldn't be an issue with using one computer for purchasing and another for your show.

However, the big reason for putting the purchase mechanism into the program itself is that it is one of the best ways to ensure testing with the free trial. If you purchase from one computer and ultimately use another you never tested, you forfeit the opportunity to prove everything is working well with your specific gear before buying. For this reason, we strongly recommend using one of the actual production computers for purchasing. And as always, we are happy to help work out any kinks if you run into trouble while testing. Just contact us during business hours, 10am to 6pm EST.

Note: Don't worry if you're the user but not the buyer. If you go through the unlock request process, you could easily forward the resulting invoice to the appropriate party. In fact, this may very will be a lot easier than asking someone in the back office to order.

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