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Rehearse together...remotely.


Rehearsal Live Share

Rehearsal Live Share (RLS) is remote music rehearsal and performance technology. It allows a "director" to hear a live, synchronized music performance by one or more participants over the internet.

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Getting Started

The steps for getting started with Rehearsal Live Share is different depending on whether you are a director or a participant. For detailed guides on how to get set up with RLS, see our dedicated getting started pages for directors and participants.

Minimum Tech Specs

Desktop Computers (director and participants):

  • MacOS 10.14 or later | Windows 10 (64 bit) or later

  • Director's computer requires a Quad-core CPU or greater.

  • Participant computers require a dual-core cpu or greater.

  • 4GB of RAM

Mobile versions (participants only):

  • iOS 13.x or greater

  • Chromebook* | Android * While RLS may be installed on these Chromebooks, there is wide variability in performance, and not every model will be appropriate for RLS use. We suggest newer models for optimal results.

Internet connection (all users):

  • Broadband Internet speeds of at least 100 mbps download for director, 30 mbps download for participants. Upload speed requirement is 10Mbps. The network being utilized by all users must allow connections to the following servers:




    • port 8888


Rehearsal Live Share is included with the RMS Mix Add-On purchases of either Sinfonia or RMS Coach. The RMS Mix Add-On cost is $US 100. Rehearsal Live Share is also included with an RMS Creator subscription, for original, user-created content.


Rehearsal Live Share (RLS) is available as an add-on resource to Sinfonia, RMS Coach, and RMS Mix. Please see the catalogs for those products. You can also use RLS with your own content as part of the RMS Creator subscription.