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What do people hear when they're in a Rehearsal Live Share session?

The way RLS can achieve large synchronized sessions is by focusing the sync in one direction. Please see our latency faq to understand why. The director hears everything, all participants plus the backing music as a complete, controllable, synchronized mix. The participants hear the backing music as well as comments given in real-time by the director. They will not hear the other participants live when performing. But they can hear the others in between rehearsal runs, for general conversation and idea exchange. Here's a video example.

We are getting close to completing our multi-channel recording feature. This allows individual recordings of the various participants that can be quickly shared across the session and used in further rehearsals. So while you might not hear your session-mates in real-time, you can hear/rehearse along with one of their earlier recordings. With successive takes, we believe the performance will coalesce and the experience will be a good approximation of being in the same room. Plus, those recordings will be available for further practice outside of the RLS session.

We recognize the lack of participants hearing each other in real-time is not ideal. But it is precisely this approach that allows us to provide large remote rehearsal opportunities that otherwise would not exist. Our attitude is to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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