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What's the cost of Rehearsal Live Share?

For the time being, if you are a customer for our prepared content (licensed musical theater shows, prepared by RMS) via RMS Coach or RMS Mix, there's no additional cost, it's included with your booking.

If you'd like to use your own content with RLS, you'll need an RMS Creator subscription. As of 10/01/20, RLS can be utilized on Mac and PC, with iOS being the next upcoming OS.

Pricing for RMS Coach on existing shows can be found here; pricing for RMS Mix on shows in our catalog is here; and pricing for RMS Creator, which allows you to build your own show on either the RMS Coach or the RMS Mix platform is here.

As RLS evolves, we may need to change this. But for the near term, during this strange time, our priority is to get a useful tool into the hands of our existing customer base.

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