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RMS Keyboards for The Addams Family!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022



If only the keyboard parts for The Addams Family were as simple as a finger snap. Even with Thing at your side, the programming can be a nightmare, with setups like, 'Cimbalom Gliss, Snaps, Arrow, Dead Duck' or 'Pipe Organ (full)+Bassoon+Contrabassoon 8vb+Arco Basses 8vb+Tuba 8vb/Trem Strings loco+8vb+Chimes 8vb + Piatti (High F only)'.

While Realtime Music Solutions can't play the parts for you, we're happy to take care of all that creepy, kooky programming!

With both Windows and Mac functionality, a low price point, a simple 'get out of my way' interface, and free tech support from a group that's been in the industry over 25 years; no Uncle Fester *light bulb* moment is necessary to make this decision! Check out the free trial today!

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