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RMS Keyboards is going to The Prom!

Tonight Belongs To You!

With tickets to buy, limos to book, and outfits to rent, how are you supposed to find the time to program all 300 keyboard setups in The Prom? Luckily, with RMS Keyboards as your +1, you don't have to!

The only thing more complex than an Unruly Heart may be the keyboard programming in The Prom! Between abstract sounds like "FX Pianos" (complete with compression, chorusing, reverb and delay effects), "Sparkle Synths", "Pointed Analog Leads w/slap echo", "Gorgeous pads", and large scale setups like "Strings loco+8vb/Celli+Bass Clarinet/Triangle+Castanets+Maracas", you'll be glad you let RMS Keyboards tag along!

With both Windows and Mac functionality, a low price point, a simple 'get out of my way' interface, and free tech support from a group that's been in the industry over 25 years; you'll be shouting, 'It's Time To Dance' on opening night! Check out the free trial right now!

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