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What Resources Can I Use?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

If you are planning a musical theater production, you may have wondered what resources are available to aid in the execution of your show. Whether that be tracks for your performances, rehearsal software that better prepares your cast, or programming for your keyboard players; you’re always thinking about the various tools you can use to facilitate the many challenges that you face.

It may seem like your performance contract limits you to certain resources, but this is not true. Once you secure a license to produce your show, you are free to engage whatever resources best fit your unique production. This is similar to how you engage your own director, cast, music team, and other elements: without oversight.

Realtime Music Solutions has been a leading source in musical theatre technology for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve come a long way. We’ve refined our products with features you can’t find anywhere else, and we’ve innovated cutting-edge new technologies that are forward thinking. Whether you are planning a show by Rodgers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, or any other artists, we encourage you to explore our resources to determine what will work best for you. Our free trial versions allow you to test with any of the shows in our catalog, and our tech support team is ready to help if you need it.

RMS Coach

  • Plays all the parts in your PV book . . . and more!

  • Mix and isolate each character's part

  • Part lyrics are highlighted as the music plays

  • Customize navigation: repeats, cuts, and vamps

  • Unique and unlimited customization for every user learn more

RMS Keyboards

  • All programming for your show's keyboard books

  • Every hard-to-find sound, carefully assembled

  • Support for Windows and Mac

  • 24/7 emergency tech support

  • No additional software purchases necessary learn more


  • Your show's full accompaniment arrangement

  • Total control of tempo and navigation

  • May be used alone, or integrated with live players

  • Extensive editing and customization features

  • Multiple unlocks for backups and additional users learn more


  • Our take on tracks, for mobile and desktop devices

  • May be used with Coach or Sinfonia content

  • Export your custom edits to Mix

  • Unlimited unlocks learn more

Rehearsal Live Share

  • Rehearse remotely over the internet

  • Director hears multiple participants synchronized

  • Stereo and multitrack recording features

  • Supported on desktop and mobile platforms

  • Video recording and conducting features learn more

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