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Why should I use RMS Mix?

Two reasons:

  1. As an adjunct to a Sinfonia or RMS Coach booking, it gives you, your cast and the entire production team portable access to your show's content. You'll be able to make all of your custom edits and then export to the RMS Cloud, where everyone involved can download it to any number of computers, smartphones or tablets. Picture everyone rehearsing to the orchestra sound from a Sinfonia booking or cast-members practicing their individualized vocal parts on their smart phones.

  2. Or use it as cost-effective tracks for the entire musical. Every song, every dance, every bit of scene change music can assist you in mounting your production. So if you have no capacity to put together the band and want a simple, inexpensive solution, here's your resource. And it comes with extras that no other commercial tracks provide, such as the ability to vamp, the ability to mix instrument groups separately and more.

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