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The wrong show is loaded. How do I get the correct one?

There are several reasons why an incorrect show may be in place. Maybe you trialed different shows over a period of time. Maybe a show from a previous booking is loaded. Some of our shows feature multiple versions (Cats/Joseph/Mary Poppins to name a few). In any case, the correct show needs to be set in order for us to build a proper unlock code. So if you request the wrong show, we will ask you to try again after loading the right one. Follow these steps to achieve this:

If you believe you have already downloaded your particular show:

  1. Launch the program

  2. Run the Free Trial

  3. Click "File > Open"

  4. Select the correct show from the drop down (if you don't see the show, see below)

  5. After the correct show loads, click "Help > Purchase or Request Code"

  6. Submit a new request

If in Step 4 you did not see your correct show:

  1. Launch the program

  2. Run the Trial

  3. Click Tools > Get Shows

This will run our Show Delivery Utility again. Follow the prompts to sync the correct show from the internet and select to make the show your Default. Now when you re-open the program you'll have the correct show in place - just submit a new unlock request by clicking "Purchase or Request a Code".

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