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What is your off-hours/emergency tech support policy?

We pride ourselves on our availability and responsiveness to support issues. Over our history, we have handled isolated incidents at random times from customers all over the world. We understand that there will always be unique circumstances that come up at inopportune times.

Having said that, we have also devised a system that gives customers ample backup opportunities, such that there should rarely be the type of emergency that requires urgent off-hours support. All of our product licenses allow installation of the given program on multiple computers, from a minimum of four possible systems up to unlimited installs, depending on the resource. If at least one backup computer is always available, you will be covered if anything should happen to the primary machine.

Our official policy is that there will always be someone on-call, monitoring phone lines for special situations that require special intervention. However, we also expect customers will take reasonable steps to avoid emergencies. These include:

  • testing systems in performance environments prior to any critical need;

  • plugging any performance computer into clean, dedicated power;

  • and having at least one back-up computer ready to go in an emergency.

As much as we will always try, we cannot guarantee an immediate off-hours response.

So as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please plan on testing in advance and contacting us during regular business hours for typical tech support. And be sure to have a back-up system on-hand, just in case.

Side note for customers who live in time zones far from New York: we can make special arrangements for off-hours support. We just may need to schedule it in advance. Please contact us for such arrangements.

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