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Can't connect to RMS SampleSync due to firewall

While the best remedy for avoiding the firewall is to take the computer off-campus or have IT make a hole in your firewall, that's not always an option. You can however move the samples from one computer to another. You will obviously need at least one computer that's already set up and running the program.

  1. Insert a thumb drive into the computer that has the program up and running

  2. Run RMS SampleSync - on Windows this lives in Program Files (x86), on Mac it lives in Applications

  3. Select Export to other Media

  4. Click "Select Location"

  5. Select your thumb drive

Now RMS Samplesync will copy the samples to your thumb drive. After this is over -

  1. Remove the thumb drive from the first computer and plug it into the computer that needs the samples

  2. Run RMS Samplesync

  3. Select Import from other media

  4. Click "Select Location"

  5. Select the thumb drive and navigate to the RMS Sampler folder

Now the samples will be loaded from the thumb drive to your computer.

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