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What musical content comes with RMS Mix?

RMS Mix, in and of itself, is a platform for sophisticated playback of musical tracks. Those tracks will vary depending on the type of booking you secure.

  • If you book RMS Mix as an add-on to an RMS Coach booking, the content will reflect RMS Coach's piano/vocal rendering of the score.

  • If booked as an add-on to Sinfonia, the content will reflect the full orchestration found in Sinfonia.

  • The standalone RMS Mix also reflects the full orchestration. But unlike a Sinfonia add-on booking, the editing time is limited.

  • In all cases, the treatment will include every song, reprise, scene change, etc. found in the given show. It's just that the basis will be piano/vocal or orchestral, depending on your booking.

You can test any of these scenarios for free prior to purchase. But for a proper evaluation, be sure to load the right content. If you want to test for an RMS Coach or Sinfonia add-on booking, start by exporting a show from either of those resources. (RMS Mix is included with the Sinfonia/RMS Coach install. So you do not need to download it independently.) Not only will the export help avoid confusion between the piano/vocal vs. orchestral content, but it will let you work with your custom edits and provide access to shows we might not have prepared yet for standalone use. On the other hand, if you are primarily interested in a standalone booking, you can download that from the main RMS Mix product page.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help getting set up.

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