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My Navigational Edits (cuts/vamps/repeats) play back the first time but not subsequent times^ what's wrong?

When a song has repeats, first/second endings, or other complex navigational events, the software must keep track of the number of times it passed through a section of music. Essentially, it will count the passes and then perform or stop performing a given action when it reaches the correct number.

If you are in rehearsal and you play something repeatedly or jump around a lot within the song, that count may get out of sync wiith your intentions, causing repeats/cuts, etc. to happen earlier/later than you want or not at all, depending on the underlying wait/times programming. When this happens, you must Reset the song to restore the count to its original state.

For example, if a repeat is set to trigger twice, and in rehearsal you play through this section more than twice, you will find that the music in question will stop repeating. As far as the software is concerned, it already completed its task and believes you no longer want to repeat. To set things right, simply reset, by hitting the Reset button, the circular arrow in the upper right corner of Timeline. Exiting and returning to the song will also reset the original count.

One other thing to make certain of in Sinfonia is the View Filter in the top left of the Timeline. Set it to Navigation to display Cuts/Vamps/Repeats/etc.

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