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I'm getting a message that my show file is corrupted. What should I do?

If you get this message in our software it means somehow the default show that is set to open has been corrupted. This could happen in a number of ways. A few we've seen in the past:

  • Virus protection/network security software has interferred with our files

  • An improper edit was created via a loophole and the software doesn't know how to deal with it

  • Your computer was shutdown improperly (died while our software was open, our software has been left open for days on end, rather than closing the software properly, the laptop was closed while our software was still open, etc)

Luckily, every time you save, a .shb file is created - these are automatically created individual backup files that you can access via Safemode.

To initiate Safe Launch Mode:

  1. Hold SHIFT

  2. Double click the icon for our software (sinfonia/coach/keyboards)

  3. Continue holding SHIFT until you are presented with a window

In this window you can opt to create a brand new showfile (if you haven't made many changes and want to start fresh) or you can try opening any of the multiple show files that exist on your drive. This includes the SHB files. Each SHB file has a string of numbers following it, looking like:

  • Annie_112618_154015020

  • This translates to: The Show Annie, which was saved on 11/26/18 at approx 15:40pm (military time - 3:40pm)

The timestamps allow you to find the most recently saved version of your show, perhaps prior to the corruption. You can then open and rename the SHB file.

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