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How do I create an RMS Mix show with my own content?

So you have a number of your own songs in audio format, and you're hoping you and your cast can use them in conjunction with RMS Mix's rich set of playback and sharing features? Here's how you do it!

First, you'll need audio files for your songs in a compatible format. We currently support .wav and .mp3 formats, with more format compatibility coming soon. You also have the option to provide any associated MIDI conductor tracks, but don't worry if you don't have these, only the audio files are necessary to build a show.

Note: be sure to name your files accordingly before importing them into RMS Mix. Here's how to build a show:

  1. Launch RMS Mix

  2. From the file menu, select "Build Original Show"

  3. This will take you thru the Build wizard. You'll be asked to name your show, and to provide all MIDI conductor tracks (optional).

  4. Next you'll be asked for your audio files (mp3 or wav)

  5. After this your new show will open up

  6. Once your content is in RMS Mix you can add/edit markers, adjust levels, etc

  7. The last step is to click Tools > Export to RMS Cloud to get your content in a place where it can be accessed by your cast. Here's instructions for how they'll access it.

We've also created a helpful walk-through video of the process to create and share your show.

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