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I'd like to add my own Ariel Voice to Little Mermaid Sinfonia or Keyboards

We provide a recording of a professional musical theater actress we tracked in studio, here in NYC for the Ariel voice cues. But perhaps you'd like to use your own?

Though we're working on new, exciting ways for customers to incorporate their original audio into our software, these features are not ready for primetime yet.

Here are some options:

  • Mute the voice part in Sinfonia (it lives on one of the keyboard tracks) and trigger your own recording via a different software, like Quicktime.

  • In RMS Keyboards, use your audio to create your own instrument in Main Stage and then route this instrument into RMS Keyboards - or simply don't play back our voice sample in RMS keyboards and trigger it in a one shot audio software like Quicktime

  • If the options above aren't possible we can handle it on our end, but as there's not a quick way to do this at this point, it costs us quite a bit of time and incurs a fee of $150

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