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Can you give me some general troubleshooting tips?

More often than not, any problems you run into while using our software are hardware related. This might include weird issues like bad sound, software crashes, loss of midi connection, etc. For troubleshooting an odd problem that you might encounter, the best thing to do is a methodically test of each component in your signal chain. That way, you can isolate wherever the problem is originating. Make sure the software is closed when you add each piece of equipment to the mix. Once connected, you can reopen it and test.

  • First, disconnect all peripheral devices (audio cables, midi cables, audio intefaces, etc), and try using the software with only a pair of headphones plugged into the computer. For Sinfonia, just hit play. For keyboards, use the onscreen keyboard. Make note of how the software sounds with this fundamental setup.

  • Next, add your MIDI keyboard to the setup. Be sure to check out our FAQ on properly setting up a MIDI keyboard.

  • Continue to add each piece of equipment to your setup, testing them one by one. Don't forget to close our software before connecting any new pieces of equipment.

If you continue to have issues, don't hesitate to give us a call!

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