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How many people can participate in a Rehearsal Live Share session?

With our version 1.03 launch on August 12, 2020, we set a limit of 19 participants for a total of 20 on the session (director + 19 participants). That was the number we were able to test at length by the launch date. As soon as we can prove a higher numbers, we will raise the limit. Note: the director will need a good computer with a fast CPU and at least four cores to achieve the current limits.

We will continue to push for larger sizes. The total number depends on computer power, internet speed, and bandwidth. Theoretically, it doesn't really matter from the software point of view if the session has 3 or 300 people. But as you might imagine, as you get into higher numbers, you strain the system. We believe a conservative estimate is that 15 remote devices will be able to rehearse together under average internet and computer hardware conditions. The music director will need the best computer and internet speeds, while participants can get away with lower end machines. A large part of our work will be devoted to optimizing signals and data handling, to allow for larger numbers under lesser conditions.

Having said that, it's important to understand our approach with remote rehearsals. Please read this FAQ for more information.

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